ORIGINAL Tiger Eyes Painting by Jack Jaubert

ORIGINAL Tiger Eyes Painting by Jack Jaubert
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Product Description

Measures 13" x 44" <----over 3 1/2 feet long!


We are extremely excited to offer this ORIGINAL oil painting by Jack Jaubert!!!! 

Jaubert is the most collected LSU artist out there. Thousands of people have his prints hanging in their homes and offices, but how many can say they own an ORIGINAL?  All of your LSU Tiger friends will drool over this painting!!! 

These ORIGINAL Tiger Eyes are painted with oil on canvas and will last a lifetime. It is a perfect heirloom to pass on to future Tiger fans.

The canvas comes stretched and ready to hang. The sides are painted as well so you don't even need a frame!

Notice the subtle hints of purple around the eyes. This gives it the extra "LSU" touch. It is signed by Jack Jaubert on the far left side. 

These Tiger Eyes look especially good hanging above a doorway.  

Please note that your ORIGINAL painting may vary slightly compared to the one on this site as each one is unique. 

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