George Rodrigue Cookbook - RARE!

George Rodrigue Cookbook  - RARE!
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Secrets of Maude Landry's Kitchen

with Paintings by


An extremely RARE cookbook filled with 124 pages of classic Landry family recipes and rare paintings of George Rodrigue.

Perfect for George Rodrigue fans who love to cook or who collect RARE Rodrigue items.

100% Mint Condition. Perfect!!!

Taken from "Family Recipes" Introduction:

Willie G. and Maude Landry entered the restaurant business in 1952. Now they are co-owners of the internationally famous Don's Seafood and Steakhouse restaurants with locations throughout Louisiana and Texas. Perhaps even more significant is that all of their seven children have owned and operated highly successful independent restaurants. Why are Willie and Maude's children all so successful? Good food is the unanimous answer! Food preparation was so carefully taught to them in Maude's home...her kitchen, the birthplace of EVERY recipe found in this book. And now, for the first time ever, we make public her personal recipes, and herewith dedicate this cookbook to her...Maude Landry - Louisiana's Best Cook!

I have included photos of the artwork in this cookbook. The artwork is printed on heavy duty, high gloss paper.

A little about George Rodrigue:

The immediately recognized art form depicting the Cajun people is a style of painting which George Rodrigue has developed. The people he paints are always dressed in white - their feet never touch the ground. They stand motionless and proud in front of huge Southern oaks. Their coal black eyes stare unrelentingly, filling the observer with a haunting feeling of a bygone era.